Bank of Hawaii Online banking


If you want to login into the Bank Of Hawaii or want to enrol or change the old account password but still wondering due to insufficient information then this article will definitely help you.  

Due to the online baking, now you can pay the bill, access to your account, transfer money any time and anywhere even from the comfort of your bedroom. You can take all of these advantages just by understanding some simple steps.  

In this article, I have shared a complete step by step detailed instruction to improve your online banking experience.  

This article contains  

  1. About The Bank Of Hawaii  
  2. How To Login  
  3. How To Reset Password In Case You Forgot  Old Password   
  4. How To Enroll  
  5. Essential Precautions   

About the Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii is the second oldest bank, which was found 123 years ago in 1897 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

BOH is a regional commercial bank consisting of four business segments: retail banking, commercial bank, investment services and Treasury. Peter a. Ho is the president, CEO and chairman of the bank.

Bank of Hawaii online banking

How to login  

step 1: For the login into the BOH you first need to search banks official website (   

Bank of Hawaii online banking

Step 2: After following the first step, click on the OPEN AN ACCOUNT you will find this option in the header of the webpage.  

Bank of Hawaii online banking

Step 3: Under the headline of OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT, you have to select one option for a sign on to E-Banking. Select your account region carefully and proceed to enter your user ID.   

Bank of Hawaii online banking

Step 4: After clicking on the Go button you will see the next page. In that page enter your User ID and tap on continue.    

Bank of Hawaii online banking

Step 5: If you are filling all this information on the laptop or computer then you will need your phone for entering a security code on the next page. After that enter your password and account in the given option.   

How to Reset the password in case you forgot the password  

If you forgot the password of your account, then there is a simple way to reset the by confirming your identity. Just follow the steps given below to reset your password   

 Step 1: For this process, you first need to search banks official website (   

Step 2: After visiting the official site you will see their homepage which shows OPEN AN ACCOUNT option in the header. Click on that option.  

Step 3: You will find the “Forgot password” option, click on that option and proceed.  

Step 4: For further steps, you have two options to follow.   

  1. In the first option, you will receive an automated phone call which will provide you with one secured code after entering the same code in the given option you can get your password for the account.  
  2. In the second option, you will get a security code as a text SMS on your cell phone after entering the correct code you can get your password for the account. 

How to Enroll For Online Banking  

Step 1: After visiting the official site you will see one page with the option OPEN AN ACCOUNT click on that opinion.  

Step 2: In that page click on enrol option which is under Sign On To E-Banking.

Step 3: The next page will find the information you need for enrolling in different account like saving account, loan account. You can proceed further by clicking the option continues.  

Bank of Hawaii online banking

Step 4: In the next page click on the option continue after filling all the asked information correctly.  

Bank of Hawaii online banking

Required information to complete the enrollment process  

  1. A debit card or PIN  
  2. Account number  
  3. Last payment amount  
  4. Original principal amount   

Essential Precautions for online banking  

We all know that e-banking has made our life effortless. It has many benefits, but we can not hide the fact that online banking has its own risk factors. On that account to cut down risky factor here I have enlisted some tips   

  1. Always try to choose a tough password for your bank account and also avoid using your name, date of birth in password.  
  2. You should always examine your online banking account and also remember that it is not good practice to use public Wi-Fi or any other insecure option to connect to your banking account. 
  3. Never forget to log out of your online banking after you are done with your work.  

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